Sony Bravia KDL-40V3000
Built-In Digital TV Tuner / Freeview Yes A digital TV tuner built into a HD Ready TV is not necessarily able to receive and decode HD signals. The tuner itself needs to be HDTV labeled and it is recommended to contact the retailer or manufacturer to be certain what type of tuner the TV has.
Energy Saving Trust EST Recommended
Type LCD What technology is the TV based on?
Tube- The most common technology. Today there are several types of picture tubes, among others flat tubes that give a very sharp and flicker free picture .
Screen Size 40 inches Picture size is measured in inches.
An inch is 2.54 cm. The size of the screen is measured diagonally from corner to corner.
Digital TV
HDTV Compatible Yes HDTV-compatible means that the TV can receive a HD-signal(720p/1080i) and display it, but not with the highest HD-quality. This might be because the TV:s resolution is too low or the TV might be missing the digital inputs required (DVI and/or HDMI with HDCP support).
HD-Ready Yes High Definition TV (HDTV) means that a TV can display high resolution images, at least 720p or 1080i. The ?HD-ready? license is outlined by EICTA.
1080p24 Support Yes The filter shows whether the TV has the capability to receive a 24p signal. It is not certain the signal gets displayed in a correct way.
Brightness 500 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 1800:1 The contrast ratio is interpreted in a wide variety of ways. Some retailers and/or manufacturers states the dynamic contrast while others choose to show the static contrast ratio.
Digital Noise Reduction Yes Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) divides each image into 300,000 tiny monitor units. By contrasting the difference of two consecutive images continuously, the system identifies and eliminates the ?noise? to create clear and genuine noise-free pictures.
Frequency/Hertz N/A The scanning frequency.
50 Hz - The picture is updated 50 times per second.
100 Hz - The picture is updated 100 times per second, giving a sharper picture with less obvious "flicker".
Full HD (1920x1080) Yes (1920x1080) The TV can receive and display a minimum resolution of 1920x1080, also called 1080p. The expression "Full HD" is not a standard given by any organization, its just an expression set by the market .
Image Enhancement Engine sony Bravia Engine EX
Pixel Response Time 8 ms
Progressive Scan Yes A television with progressive scanning can generate a picture in a single pass, in a similar way to a computer screen. A standard television uses an interlacing format.
Resolution 1920x1080
Screen Format Widescreen The picture format of the TV.
4:3 - The standard picture format is 4:3 - which is the relation between the width and height of the TV screen.

Supported Picture Formats 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080p
Viewing Angle H/V 178/178 degrees
Zoom Yes
Speakers Stereo Type of sound
Mono - the sound comes through a single channel, even if the TV has two speakers.
Stereo - The sound comes through two channels and creates a more realistic, richer sound .
Supported Sound Formats Dolby Digital
Component Inputs 2 The three-jack (RCA/Phono) component video connection splits the video signal into three parts (one brightness and two color signals). Component video has increased bandwidth for color information.
Composite Inputs 3
HDMI Input 3 High Definition Media Interface. A type of connection for connecting Digital Video and Audio.
Phono Output Yes
S-Video Input Yes Short for Super-Video, a technology for transmitting video signals over a cable by dividing the video information into two separate signals: one for color (chrominance), and the other for brightness .
Scart Connections 2 A SCART connector is a physical and electrical interconnection between two pieces of audio-visual equipment, such as a television set and a video cassette recorder (VCR).
VGA (HD-15) Inputs 1 A connector for a computer cable in which the plug and socket are D-shaped so they only fit together one way. DB connectors are often used for serial ports.
Sleep Timer Yes
Built-In DVD / HDD / VCR No
Additional Stand/Cabinet included No This specification can be different from country to country so please check with the retailer to be sure. We refer to extra stands besides the one included by the manufacturer.
Manufacturer sony
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