Pioneer PDP6070HD 50inch Plasma HDTV
Pioneer has spent decades in the pursuit of the finest picture quality. Agonizing over materials, science, hardware, and software. Now, with the high definition signal pure across audio and video, all the pieces ofor an unparalleled home theater experience are finally coming together. Pioneer has waited a long time for technology to catch up to their ideas, but now that it has, they?re ready to pass the new technology on to you.
Several new and improved technologies have been added into Pioneer?s televisions. For example, redesigned deep encased cell structure is meant to improve brightness, image accuracy, and panel efficiency. The wide viewing angle of 160 degrees ensures that viewers from almost any angle can see the new and greatly improved colors and contrast of these new TV?s. Feature List

Redesigned Deep Encased Cell Structure to improve brightness, image accuracy and panel efficiency
New First-Surface Pure Color Filter for enhanced contrast, color and reduction in light reflection on screen
Crystal Emissive Layer for deeper blacks and increased brightness of images
New and Improved Red and Blue Phosphors creating a brighter, purer and wider color space, improving the overall HD experience
New Dielectric Layer for improved light management and efficiency of panel
Wide Viewing Angle of 160° - horizontal and vertical with no color shift or picture distortion

Pure Drive II Signal Processing ? Full time 10-bit Digital Video Processing delivers a low noise, high contrast, natural colored image1080p/24Hz Compatibility for HDMI and Component
ACE IV (Advanced Continuous Emission) for reproduction of billions of colors and improved grey-scale rendering in dark picture areas
Advanced PureCinema? with 3:3 pull down, film-based material on DVD, videotape or even regular TV will match the smooth and nature reproduction seen in a movie theatre
Color Temperature Adjustment ? 3 settings (high/mid/low)
Digital Noise Reduction ? 4 Settings (off/high/mid/low)
MPEG Noise Reduction ? 4 Settings (off/high/mid/low)
Digital CTI (Color Transient Improver)
Natural Resize
Natural Enhancer
Digital Chroma Decoder(10-bit)

Fully Integrated Media Receiver with Dual NTSC and ATSC Tuner
Independent HDMI Inputs (10-bit processing) with the ability to accept a 1080p/24Hz signal
TV Guide On-Screen® Interactive Program Guide for easy navigation of TV program services
A/V Selection Memory ? 6 options for viewing preferences (Standard/Dynamic/PURE/Movie/Game/User)
Aspect Ratio Control ? 5 positions (Wide/Zoom/Cinema/ Full/4:3)
"Dot by Dot" for PC
Split Screen/Picture in Picture display modes to view multiple sources at one time
Home Gallery offering a convenient way to view photos via USB connection
V-Chip Parental Control
New Remote Control with preset, glow in the dark, direct input selection and TV Guide control

Product Description
The Pioneer PDP-6070HD 60-Inch High-Definition PureVision Plasma Television offers the most advanced panel technology, video processing features and convenience options for recreating the home theater experience. The redesigned deep encased cell structure improves brightness, image accuracy and panel efficiency. Enhanced contrast, deeper blacks and brighter colors improve your high-definition viewing, turning your living room into the hottest new theater in town. Fully-integrated Media Receiver with dual NTSC and ATSC tuners Independent HDMI inputs (10-bit processing) with 1080p/24Hz compatibility TV Guide On-Screen Interactive Program Guide A/V Selection - 6 options for viewing preferences (Standard/Dynamic/PURE/Movie/Game/User) Aspect Ratio control - 5 positions (Wide/Zoom/Cinema/Full/4 - 3) Split Screen and Picture-in-Picture Home Gallery offers a convenient way to view photos through a USB connection 13W stereo amplifier with TruBass 2-Way stereo speakers SRS WOW/FOCUS/TruBass Bass Boost loudness Digital and MPEG noise reducation - 4 settings Natrual Resize & Enhancer Digital Chroma Decoder Inputs - Independent Dual HDMI Component (1 side, 2 rear), Composite (1 side, 3 rear), S-Video (2 rear), Antenna A & B, USB, PC in Outputs - Optical Digital Audio, Monitor Out - Composite/Audio L-R, Subwoofer, SR+ V-Chip Parental Control Comes with glow-in-the-dark remote control, presets, direct input selection and TV Guide control Table top stand included Optional wall mount (PWM-F110) Display Dimensions(WxHxD) - 57-7/8 x 34-21/32 x 4-21/32 (with integrated speakers) Display Weight - Not available at press time
in our storage have 50? 55? 60" 65" all are brand new
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