NEW Toshiba 50 720 DLP Projection TV 50HM66
NEW toshiba 50" 720 DLP projection TV 50hm66
FEATURES 50" Diagonal 16:9 Integrated HD DLP Projection TV with HDMI
TALEN 5 720p Light Engine with DEEP Picture (Digitally Enhanced
Engine Performance). Condition: Brand new productManufacturer: ToshibaMfg. Part No: 50HM66Costupdate Item #: 02-50HM66UPC Code: 022265251409
ATSC/QAM Tuner enables the set to receive digital cable in the clear
signals, as well as digital terrestrial broadcasts.
CableCARD Slot allows for the reception of all applicable digital
cable channels without the need of a cable box.
This card is supplied by the local Cable MSO.
Using a thin line speaker system with enhanced dynamic range, Scoop
cabinetry design with SoundStrip yields big speaker sound in a slim
new cabinet.
ATSC is the 8 level vestigial sideband modulation method adopted for
the Advanced Television Systems Committee standard of digital
television in the United States. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM)
is a method of combining two amplitude modulated (AM) signals into a
single channel, thereby doubling the effective bandwidth. The two
modulated carriers are combined at the source for transmission. At the
destination, the carriers are separated, the data is extracted from
each, and then the data is combined into the original modulating
CableClear DNR+
Designed to optimize poor NTSC signals from antenna or cable, this
video noise reduction system eliminates video noise ("snow") for a
clean crisp image.
Cinema Mode (3:2 Pulldown)
Cinema Mode virtually eliminates the possibility of errors or
artifacts that can be caused by the process of transferring film to
video. The Cinema Mode circuitry identifies original film based
content from DVDs. The 3:2 pulldown process is a method to map the 24
frames per second that are captured during film production onto the 30
frames per second of a 525 line TV system. If film based content is
sensed by the circuitry, it reassembles the frame sequence to more
accurately reproduce the original 24 frame film based material.
Color Temperature Control
Most Toshiba televisions provide three user selectable Color
Temperature settings affect the sets overall white balance. The
"Warm" setting reduces the color temperature to an NTSC standard 6500
degrees Kelvin and delivers a redder image that is ideal for display
in a dimly lit room. "Medium" and "Cool" provide a progressively bluer
image for the best picture as room light levels are increased.
PixelPure Hi Bit Digital Video Processing
Using 12 bit picture processing (up to 14 bit internally!), We can
create 4096 steps of gradation (steps between the whitest white, to
the blackest black). That?s an improvement of 16X from our 2005 sets,
and will also incorporate improvements in areas such as: real speed
progressive scanning, video noise reduction, sharpness, and gamma
control to set a new standard for picture quality.
Radiance 150 Hi Bright Lamp with Quick Restart
This high quality lamp is 25% brighter, for increased brightness
without losing contrast. Quick Restart means that this great picture
is only a moment away.
TALEN 5 720p DLP Engine
Incorporates 5th generation DLP technology from Texas Instruments for
our best 720p picture yet.
TheaterFine DFP Screen
Toshiba DLP Projection TVs utilize a Digital Fine Pitch Screen. This
screen helps create crisp HD resolution with its super fine screen
pitch. It also has an Anti Glare Coating to reduce unwanted
reflections from ambient room light, which helps increase contrast for
deeper blacks.
MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx
An MTS (Multi channel Television Sound) decoder enables the television
to accept and decode a broadcast stereo signal. Unlike some systems
that delete dbx, MTS provides the full quality of the original stereo
broadcast. SAP (Secondary Audio Program) enables the reception of
bilingual broadcasts, when available.
Scoop Cabinetry Design with SoundStrip Speaker System
Uses new a thin line speaker system with enhanced dynamic range yields
big speaker sound in a new cabinet that produces a 50" DLP that has
less height and width than our 2005 50" plasma models!
Reduces unwanted volume fluctuations (eg. during commercials) by
keeping volume within set levels, for easier listening.
SRS WOW (3D, TruBass, Focus)
Greatly improves audio performance with improved fidelity and wider
"sweet spot" for the listener.
4 Item Glow Universal Remote
This universal remote will operate many of your home theater
components and, at the touch of a button, includes glow keys for ease
of operation at night.
Auto Aspect Detection
Auto Aspect Detection is a convenient feature that senses when an
interlaced DVD player is sending a 16:9 signal, and automatically sets
the TV to the correct picture size mode.
Black Level Expander
Increases the black threshold level, so blacks are pure black, not
dark gray. This significantly improves overall picture contrast.
Channel Labeling
Channel Labeling allows you to put the Call Letters (e.g., ABC, HBO,
etc.) on the screen along with the station numbers, so you always know
what channel you?re watching. Stereo has a narrow sweet spot.
Channel Lock
Selected channels can be locked out to prevent viewing. Channels can
be unlocked by entering a secret code.
Channel Return
Pressing this button returns you to the last channel you were viewing.
Closed Captioning on Mute
This feature automatically displays captioned information (if
available) on screen when the MUTE button is pressed. Captions
disappear when the volume is restored.
Direct Video Input Selection
On sets with Direct Video Input Selection, a consumer can directly
access any input on the television via the remote, rather than having
to scroll through all the inputs to find the one they want.
Dual HDMI Digital Inputs
Includes both uncompressed digital video and digital audio in one
convenient cable for connections from today?s best home theater
Favorite Channel
This feature allows you to designate up to nine of your most
frequently viewed channels as favorite channel. Engaging this feature
will allow you to scan only your pre selected favorite channels. Two
independent sets of nine channels can be selected, allowing two
different viewers to enjoy this feature on one set.
HD Window POP
This advanced system can accept 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i signals,
and can even display 4:3 and 16:9 images on the screen at the same
time. The split screen function allows the user to increase or
decrease the size of the POP boxes, making one larger than the other.
The MultiWindow system enables the consumer to continue to view the
main picture in a large POP box while viewing Favorite Channels, or
channel scanning in the other smaller POP boxes.
Individual A/V Settings by Input Type
For optimum display of each type of input source, Individual AV
Settings by Input allow the viewer to make video adjustments for each
type of input, such as RF, Composite, S Video, and each ColorStream
Component Video Input.
Movie and Sports Modes
Movie Mode changes the basic picture setup conditions to create a more
theater like picture. User selectable settings such as brightness,
contrast, color and color temperature are automatically adjusted. In
addition, some normally non user adjustable settings, such as Velocity
Scan Modulation, are also adjusted. Sports Mode automatically adjusts
appropriate picture levels to produce enhanced color, detail and
Optical TosLink Digital Audio Outputs
Sends digital audio signals to a receiver. Uses a fiber optic cable
instead of a traditional coaxial cable.
TheaterLink IR
By simply pointing the remote at the TV screen, and using the IR
output and the IR dongle, the user can operate their video components
even if the components are hidden away.
Tri Lingual On screen Display
All TV functions can be easily operated using the remote control to
access Toshiba?s advanced on screen display. This full featured system
can be operated in English, French or Spanish. By using the four
cursor buttons on the remote control, your favorite FEATURES or
settings are only a click away.
Two Level Mute
Volume is muted 50% by a first touch and 100% by a second, providing
quick access to instant volume control.
V Chip Parental Control System
This feature allows adults to decide which show ratings are
appropriate for their children. The television will then block out the
video and audio of any program that has a rating beyond the selected
level. Adults can override the system at any time using their secret
Video Labeling
This feature allows you to name each of you video inputs by choosing
from a menu of name choices (e.g., VCR, DVD, TV, etc.).
Video Lock
This feature lets you lock out either all video inputs or all inputs
plus channels 3 and 4.

Dolby Digital Audio Output (Coaxial)
CableCARD Slot (DCR Digital Cable Ready)
TALEN 5 (Toshiba Advanced Light Engine) DLP Engine
Toshiba PixelPure Hi Bit Digital Video Processing
Radiance 150 Hi Bright Lamp
Quick Restart
High Brightness (Day)/Low Power (Night) Lamp Modes
TheaterFine DFP Screen (Digital Fine Pitch)
Anti Glare Coating
First Surface Mirror
CableClear DNR+ (By Input)
3DYC (4 MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter
Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool)
Black Level Expander
Movie & Sports Modes/Auto Aspect Detection
TheaterWide Modes (5 Standard, Full, TW1, TW2, TW3)
Cinema Mode (Film/Video)
AUDIO SoundStrip Speaker System
MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx
SRS WOW (3D, TruBass, Focus)
Audio Wattage (Total) 20W
CONVENIENCE Universal Remote Control 4 Item Universal Glow
TheaterNet Device Control System (1394/IR)
Tri Lingual Color Icon On Screen Display
Sleep Timer
Closed Captioning on Mute
V Chip
Channel Return
Channel Browser
Channel Lock/Channel Labeling
Video Lock
Direct Video Input Selection
Video Labeling
Individual A/V Settings by Input Type
Discrete IR Codes/2 Level Mute/SurfLock
Optical TosLink Digital Audio Outputs
ColorStream HD Component Video Inputs (2)
Audio Outputs Fixed and Variable
Theaterlink IR (IR Pass Through)
A/V Inputs Rear
S Video Rear
Side Panel A/V/S Inputs
Video Output
RF Inputs (2)
DIMENSIONS 58 3/8"w x 35 1/16"h x 15 1/4"d WT. 85 lbs.
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